01 April 2008

David Tobocman vs. Mr. Oscat - the results are in

Mr. Oscat has emerged victorious in his 1st round game against David Tobocman from the Singin' in the Rain Region. Congrats to him!

Since I will be re-seeding this tournament, it will be announced in the next couple days who Mr. Oscat's 2nd round opponent will be.

Before we say goodbye to the super-talented David Tobocman, please check out his stunningly beautiful video for one of the most gorgeous songs of the year - "Home". Enjoy!

Be sure to cast you ballot for the 6th and final first round contest - Rebecca Frezza vs. Suzi Shelton. Voting ends tomorrow night at midnight ET.


Funky Mama said...

I'm so sorry I missed out on this one. Jeff, if you have time, take a listen to Funky Mama.

Suzi and I played the White House at the same time.
Take care,
Krista "Funky Mama" Eyler

Cher & Gene Klosner said...

Oooh this is a nice video - the song "Home" is just beautiful too. I am going to pick this CD up for myself! Got me teary eyed...

Thanks Jeff!

Cher & Gene Klosner