03 April 2008

The Piano Cat

I miss my kitty cat today. Not that she ever tickled the ivory (the 2nd time I've managed to squeeze my favorite musical phrase into an OWTK post this year) but still, seeing Nora rub her cheek against the black and white keys brings a little tear to my eyes. Check out the talented Nora play piano.

The Mrs. thinks we should adopt a new feline friend but I can't bare the thought right now. I quipped that I'd be better prepared to find a new wifey should she kick-it than get a new kitty. I'm only half-joking.

1 comment:

Naomi said...

I understand. I miss our kitties, too.

you might need one of these:


It seems silly, but sometimes a remembrance helps to get past it. This one is right next to Roo's swingset/fort so we visit it a lot and she says nice things about the cats.