11 November 2008

Readeez Volume One DVD Review

If you are wondering just what, exactly, is a Readee you're not alone. While the accompanying-words-on-a-screen concept during a kid's movie is hardly new, what The Readeez Company is doing, starting here on Volume One, is, as far as I know, completely original.

Volume One runs about 40 minutes but is relatively devoid of a cohesive narrative. What strings the 30 roughly-one-minute Readeez together is the idea behind them. Through a trademarked process called Simulsynchrotaneous creator Michael Rachap has crafted a new media tool that serves as an interactive aid for young readers and pre-readers alike. The short films are set against a crisp white backdrop and have the characters, namely Julian ("played" by Rachap) and his daughter Isabel, literally popping in and out
of the frame - which is fun in and of itself - whilst taking and singing to you and your kids. The topics discussed and put to song range from cold weather to cows and as the images appear so do the words in a large, stylishly simple black font (looks like Goudy Old Style, one of my faves) in perfect syllable synchronization. Instead of just scrolling along the bottom and certainly without the bouncing ball, the Readeez script flashes in unpredictable places all about the screen.

The stylishly minimalist Readeez DVD art and on screen presentation is instantly appealing. The interaction between the characters is sharp and witty and the general concept here is a winner. The Readeez tagline is "giggle and grin while the knowledge sneaks in" and that is appropriate. The short films are cute and clever but nothing hysterically funny. Giggle is a perfect word to describe the general reaction you'll likely have to Readeez Volume One.

OWTK is certainly looking forward to future volumes but in he meantime we've subscribed to the Readeez channel on You Tube.
Check out over a dozen Readeez on You Tube right now then buy the DVD for high quality viewing.

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Michael Rachap said...

Jeff, thanks so much for this thorough and very thoughtful review.

One more thing readers may want to know -- Readeez are jam-packed with music! A dozen or so original songs, ranging from the very catchy to the insanely catchy, are sprinkled throughout the disc, along with old standards like "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and "Ten Little Indians" (which is upgraded to "Ten Little Isabels").

The DVD continues to garner positive reviews across the Internet. And this week there will be a couple best-of-the-year awards announced. Also, the disc will soon be available at Amazon.com. But you can pick it up now at readeez.com.

How do I know so much about it? Uh...I'm in them. ;-)