20 December 2008

Clever Commercials

I've been meaning, for almost a year now, to post about the abundance of super cool commercials on TV, ones that the kiddies will likely enjoy, but I just never feel like putting all the clips together. Lazy, I know. What is that like 4-5 clicks on You Tube?

Anyway, I just saw this one during a college basketball game and felt like sharing it here. It's wordless and awesome. The Ad is for Coke and features Underdog, the Baby from Family Guy and good ol' Charlie Brown - who finally wins something...high above Central Park.
Maybe 'tis old, but it's new to me. This happens a lot, since the TV isn't on that much and if it's not advertised during a sporting event, I prolly won't see it. Which means all I'm being sold, quite ineffectively I might add, are beer and trucks and a way to turn my old or unwanted GOLD into COLD HARD CASH!!!

There are a ton of crappy, under produced, sexist, demeaning and nasty commercials - like, say, every CSI or Cold Case promo which tease us with the first few fun moments of this week's rape and/or murder. That's pretty awesome to see while trying to watch football with your young girls on a Sunday afternoon.

But then there are clever adverts like this one:

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