04 January 2009

Do do's Laundry

This morning marks the first self-directed load of laundry for the Bear, or "Do do" as she is called by her lil' sis. She is excited to be 'grown up' enough for the chore (hehe) and now the Mrs. and I are considering other tasks she can own for herself. Cooking is out, as is transportation. Making of the bed every morning, check. Straightening up of her domain every evening, check. Massaging of her dear father's feet on occasion, probably not.

Naturally, this leads to the $5 question of free or hired help. That is to say, should we start giving the Bear an allowance? I say yes, mainly 'cause it's cute and the Bear loves to carry her change purse in her dress pockets when we head out, with the vague hope of purchasing
something. Unless we travel to a distant town known as 1955, she ain't getting much for her 3 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel and 3 pennies. With an income stream she might just be able to buy something and, even better, she'll be forced to make decisions between impulse purchases and saving for a special big ticket item.

The Mrs. takes a more pragmatic stance. The Bear isn't asking to be put on payroll, why offer it...plus it's not like we're flush with cash these days.

Free labor wins...for now!

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