05 January 2009

Gustafer Yellowgold in Philly and on Tour now!

OWTK caught up with Gustafer Yellowgold on Saturday at World Cafe Live (the 5th time we've seen 'em, I think). It was yet another terrific GY show despite being humorously disjointed - with images being quickly flashed on the screen at the wrong moments and Robbie's lethargic cymbal crash as Gusty's new blue star touched down in his backyard. Missteps yes, but funny and light making the band members and the audience chuckle.

We were treated to two fantastic up-tempo new songs, both from the forthcoming 11 song DVD/CD entitled "Mellow Fever" (due in March 2009):

Melter Swelter
- Gusty toasts everything he touches, 'cause he's from the sun of course, eventually learning to use his "power" for good - like freeing a turtle from a pile of snow and swiftly transforming kennels into popped corn for Asparagus, his Dragon.


Panther Stamp Pants
- Forrest Applecrumby, the flightless fashion-plate Pterodactyl, losses his favorite pair of pants. The chorus is so catchy and danceable, in fact the song breaks down in the middle for a little dino-dancing. It may just be the funniest Gustafer Yellowgold song to date in addition to being a cool tongue twister to sing out loud.

Morgan, Rachel and gang are on tour right now. So if you're in VA, the Carolinas, AZ, CA, WA, IL, WI, D.C. or Maine check out the tour dates and get your family to one of these shows. I demand it...you'll thank me later.

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We love Gustafer Yellowgold so much!