15 May 2009

Billy Jonas Live at the XM Rumpus Room

A week ago today OWTK was in the Rumpus Room at XM Satellite Radio in D.C. for an outstanding live family music event. Industrial percussionist Billy Jonas was in town to record a live show for XM's Kid's Place Live.

Fresh off his terrific new record "Happy Accidents", Jonas performed a nice mix of old and new songs before an excited preschool crowd. Highlights of the set include "Some Houses" and "Old Saint Helens" from his debut family effort "What Kind of Cat Are You?!" and "Whose Gonna Make Our Music?" from "Happy Accidents". But the best song performed was done so twice. Jonas played
the beautiful, soulful "Tongo" early and then again to close out the show.

It's only 18 seconds worth of video (don't ask) but it should be enough to give you a little taste of what Jonas does best

For more on the Billy Jonas XM event, including a photo slideshow and a couple of video clips head over to Gooney Bird Kids or check out the OWTK Facebook page for more photos from yours truly.

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