02 December 2009

Putumayo Kids Dance-Off Video Contest

Who doesn't love video of a youngster bustin' a move?  Watching a child dance is irrestible and now, it can be highly rewarding!  

Putumayo Kids is holding a Dance-Off video contest, the rules of which are pretty simple: put on some Putumayo music and let your kiddo(s) go wild.  Capture the hilarity on video, upload it to your preferred public video site (You Tube, etc.) and send Putumayo Kids the link.  Done and done.  

Should you happen to win in one of the 5 categories (Silliest, Most global, Best use of song, Best costuming, Best choreography) you and your family will take home the entire collection of Putumayo Kids CDs - including the newest "A Family Christmas".  That's nearly $300 worth of family-friendly tunage!

Sound interesting?  Go here for all the specifics.  *This just in...the Dance-Off Contest submission deadline has been extended to 12/30/09!

*image credit: Putumayo Kids

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